Do you think 'Big Tech' needs to go on a AI DIET ?

Our Mission

The modern AI Systems are Bias Heavy. They’re fat, unhealthy, and mean.
So, how do we fix that?  By coming to a new definition of what an AI DIET should be – inclusive, fair, ethical. And DataEthics4All’s magic solution to that is to build America’s biggest coalition of public, private, government, academia, etc to come together, share lived experiences, and build a better Data and AI world together.

What is BMI for AI ?

We redefined the BMI for our AI DIET where



DIET to reduce AI's BMI

So, how do we reduce this Bias Mass Index (BMI) of our current AI Systems? And what DIET does it require?

What Does DIET stand for?

D for all aspects of AI Data

Privacy, Security, Collection, Consent, and Governance

I for all aspects of AI Impact

Fairness, Explainability, Transparency, and Harm

E for all aspects of AI Equity

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

T for all aspects of AI Teams

Recruiting, Growth, and Mentoring opportunities


America’s biggest coalition of AI for Data, Impact, Equity and Teams Because America needs an AI DIET!

Whether you’re looking for a local tech leader to create impact or have an idea for a technology that can impact millions, we wanna hear from you.

We’re a multi-stakeholder organization and invite public, private, academia, nonprofit, and government to work together towards this common goal of global good through ethical technology, including data and explainable AI.

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